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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  September 5, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> this is "bbc world news." funding for this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu, newman's own foundation, and union bank. relationship managers work hard specialized solutions and
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growth objectives. solutions for small businesses and major corporations. what can we do for you? >> and now, "bbc world news." >> this is bbc world news america. barack obama arrives in north carolina, but tonight he will receive the democratic party nomination for the election in november. colonel gaddafi's faces charges for crimes against humanity common and and and and and nokia thinks it will change its fortune, of but signs point to
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the wrong direction welcome to our viewers on pbs in america and also around the globe. we start with the democratic national convention, were barack obama will be nominated as the candidates in the general election. the former president bill clinton will make the case for obama's second term. last night first lady michelle obama delivered an impassioned personal tribute to her husband. >> a show of sisterhood from democrats. the unmistakable message, we are the party of women, whose votes
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will outnumber men. give the woman who calls herself america's mum in chief. >> i can honestly say when it comes to his character and convictions and heart, barack obama is still the same man i fell in love with him, because for him success is not about how much money you make. it is about the difference you make in people's lives. >> of the white house he was watching with the couple's daughters. >> democrats are seeing michelle obama as a thoroughly modern woman who has had a career success and raise a family, someone who understands the struggles of the middle class because that is where she comes from. >> the same cannot be said for the romney's family. he is worth $200 million and
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once joked that his wife owns a couple of cadillacs. ann romney brings her own star power. a survivor of breast cancer, she offers a more traditional appeal to women. >> we are the mothers, the wives, the big sisters, the little sisters, and the daughters. >> on the north carolina yoga matt, how to the daughters and wives feel about the way both parties are courting them. >> i think it is important that we that our voices be heard. >> what they do does represent what is going to happen in the future if elected president. >> the reception spoke volumes. she is the most popular obama in america, and this close race is now a team effort.
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>> for more on the democratic convention, kathy is in charlotte tonight. >> they loved her in this stadium. tonight the delegates are coming in, and they are expecting to love bill clinton as well. a former president is extremely popular with the democratic base. we will have a recitation of how good the american economy was when he was president, but his main task is to give an endorsement to president obama. he is not a comeback kid, because he never even left. >> the president of the united states. >> of the 2000 convention, the king of democratic politics past on the bataan.
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bill clinton will use his enormous popularity to try to give votes to do where rock obama. was a has charisma, and he i wonderful president. >> he had a balanced budget. he knew how we got here. >> he knows what we are looking for in terms of certain ideals. >> prosperity, hope, it was another era when things were better. >> do i miss him? no, we have barack obama. >> in 2008, clinton called obama's claims to oppose the iraq war a fairy tale. >> this question is about which candidate is most likely to return us to full employment. >> in his recent ads, the former president heralded the current
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one as the champion. good bill clinton appealed to white working-class voters much better than obama did. he cannot win him this election, but he can certainly help. give when bill clinton takes the stage behind me, it will be 20 years to the day since he except in his party's nomination as a presidential candidate in 1992, and since then, he has been a leader of the party, and he has a very big mission tonight. joining me to discuss what clinton needs to do for obama is bill richardson, who worked in the white house. he was the energy secretary under clinton. what does he need to do to persuade people a rock obama can carry on the legacy bill clinton will for the country? >> bill clinton is a symbol of pro-growth democrats.
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he balanced the budget. he created millions of jobs, technology jobs, green energy. good what he is saying is barack obama deserves the mandate to carry out an economic renaissance in this country, through the middle class, through working people that he is on our side. good >> it was so different from the 1990's when bill clinton was president. it is one thing to say the economy was great for me. it is very different to say we know we have unemployment, but trust me, it is going to get better. >> when the president took office, we were losing 800,000 jobs a month, and now we have a positive job growth in the private sector, 4.2 million jobs. this president, when he speaks, is going to talk about his record, and efforts he is making to create jobs, to bring america
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together, to boost the economy, to talk about technology and education and green jobs, and i think what we are doing tonight is passing the mantle of a strong economic performance from one president to another. >> you have known the clintons for a long time. he is going to enjoy speaking to a democratic crowd tonight. >> he is going to love it. he is so good with people, and he is going to get energized, and it is going to be a home run speech, and it is going to be something that i think is going to energize the democratic base. we have to get women, minorities, independent voters, and young voters motivated to win what is going to be a narrow reelection to a good >> who is it in particular former president clinton helps with? what is it he can do? >> to put the economy in
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perspective, because there were different economic times at the time, and what the republicans did with president bush, they got rid of president clinton's serv plus. president bush came in and spend it on tax cuts and the war in iraq, and what clinton is going to say is that obama was dealt a tough hand. good give him a chance after four years. where the economy is getting a little better, give him a chance to finish the job. >> are there any americans who will listen to bill clinton who would perhaps not live on -- listen to obama? >> there are 7% of voters who have not made up their mind, and they are in six states. this message is aimed at them. it is the undecided. the second objective is turnout with the democratic base that may be saying i was really enthraled before by the ticket, but i am holding back for now.
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it is simply to say the stakes are too high, and the best message deliverer is bill clinton. good >> thank you for joining me. that is the target for bill clinton tonight. there is one thing that is not in doubt, and that is that this audience is going to love hearing for the former president. you are expecting are rousing acceptance. >> we will have more coverage on the day barack obama speaks. colonel gaddafi's former spy chief is on trial tonight, facing charges of crimes against humanity. one of the most feared members of the regime was arrested in march. he has been accused of ordering the murder of political opponents and has been linked to the lockerbie bombing the
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reagan the lockerbie bombing. waxman -- has been linked to the lockerbie bombing. >> they are chanting for justice and revenge. the libyan prime minister called him the right arm of old regime. the army chief of staff sent the prisoner was confident he would have a fair trial. libya can still be chaotic. in the violence before just a year ago, he slipped away. , nowd the colonel's son also in custody, awaiting trial. in 2009, states welcomed by the convicted lockerbie bomber when he was in a scottish jail.
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he is believed to be one of the masterminds behind the attack. gaddafi went from a pariah to the new and useful ally after a deal to come in from the cold. the intelligence chief was the key figure in the security cooperation that followed a. >> he would know a huge amount of what was going on. they have report coming out tomorrow. the involvement of the u.s. and also the u.k., sending them back to libya where many were tortured. that information needs to come around. >> he was one of gaddafi's closest associates. he also presumably knows a lot about dealings with the intelligence service in london and washington. some of that information could be politically embarrassing to western countries the have been close to colonel gaddafi.
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he is also wanted for a massacre in 1996 that killed 1200 inmates. the libyans want to try him, but his secrets might be more likely to come out if he ends up in the national criminal court in the haight. >> a big earthquake has shaken up close to regan. officials warned of a possible tsunami, but that was later canceled. they are now surveying the area. >> the earthquake was so powerful it was felt in neighboring nicaragua. the quake struck a little before 9:00 in the morning as many were still getting ready for their day common on and it left people in the capital san jose very shaken up. >> when we felt the earthquake, everybody started running the
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reagan nobody knew where to go. some people around outside. others waited for it to end. >> there were no a media reports of serious damage or injury in the capital. the epicenter was located west of san jose in a coastal region popular with tourists. roads were damaged, and some infrastructure is said to be down, but the overwhelming feeling is one of relief. now officials said the quake was one of the most powerful they have felt for more than 50 years. residents were just thankful it was not were spiritedness. >> more than 3000 striking miners have marched into another mine owned by the same company. good they are demanding a substantial pay rise before returning to work. the south african government
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says it will not tolerate any incitement. the police chief at the head of the biggest scandal in years has been charged with breach of power. relatives of the 11 israeli athletes killed by palestinian gunmen during the 1972 munich olympic games have mark the 40th anniversary of the attack. 600 guests gathered for a memorial service at the airbase where most of the athletes died. shares in the mobile phone giant nokia dropped sharply after the company released its latest smartphones. the company hopes of the virus region t -- hopes the device will boost the fortunes. and we report from new york for
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the phone was unveiled here a good >> this is what used to be cool when it came to mobile phones. for 20 years nokia was the biggest name in the business, and then of revolution came along and people wanted something else. stop and yorker and ask what they have triggered >> i have -- stock of new yorker and ask what they have. >> un iphone. >> you never thought of getting a nokia of? >> i have one years ago. >> now they hope this will mark a major comeback. it runs on windows 8 software. crucial in thes battle to make headway who between apple and android, but is it already too late? >> things change rapidly.
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it is very competitive. it is all about winning hearts and minds of consumers, and what we saw today with great navigation and many other capabilities, those are the things that can begin to shift a. why is now the message is nokia can still offer real innovation. it has a state of the art camera, which does a pretty good job, and this is while it is charging. it started charging without putting anything in. the problem is nokia has to make its voice heard. for all the hubbub, next we will see even more excitement about a new phone for abel. -- apple. and >> as they do not turn around their mobile phone business, chances are they are
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going to ride into oblivion or become irrelevant. >> the defectors were not too impressed with the new phone, but consumers will decide whether the fallen giant can rise again during good -- can rise again. >> you are watching bbc world news america of. traffic duty may not be of policeman's idea of fun, but it can be done. switzerland is still the world's most competitive economy according to the latest ranking from the economic forum. they topped the poll for the fourth year running, so what is the secret to their success to? >> an island of success right of the heart of troubled europe. give switzerland is not part of the euro, but its economy is dependent on it.
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good 60% of all swiss exports go to eurozone countries. surprisingly, switzerland does not seem to be sharing your of spain. with zero inflation and an unemployment rate of just 2.7%, world's mostsn' the competitive economy. doug >> many things need to come together to be productive, and why is switzerland at the top? switzerland does a lot of things well. it collaborates very well with the business, getting kids to market, and when you combine with infrastructure, everything comes together to make it a very competitive economy. >> in recent months other countries like britain have been taking a hard look at switzerland. they ensure a good supply of highly skilled workers, but not
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every economic indicator is positive. it is exactly a year since the swiss national bank 10 thanks to the euro. one year on, the euro remains fragile. the franc remained strong, and the swiss national bank is still intervening. some economic analysts still fear this could be very costly for switzerland during your -- for switzerland. good >> celebrating a giant leap towards understanding how the human body works. they published the most detailed study at of the human genome, the blueprint of what makes us and who we really are triggered >> it is 12 years since the first draft of the human genome was published and a global
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fanfare, and scientists uncoded more of it than anywhere else, but it was just a start. good and human genome is one person's complete set of dna. are arranged in pairs, it is a chemical code of just four letters, and it amounts to a construction manual for -- an instruction manual for how our body works. scientists map the entire genetic code for the first time, but it was mostly in the language we have yet to ninelearn. now there is a giant leap in our understanding of what it means. it has been a huge challenge. inside each one is 3 billion pairs of code. most of the work has been on small sections called genes, which contained in instructions
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for which chemicals, proteins each one should not produce. was a mystery and sometimes called junk dna because nobody was sure what if daviid. scientists have found 80% has a specific function. different sections are active, and they have begun to understand how that works. they have discovered our genome is like a giant control panel. scientists have identified a staggering 4 million, in different places. a dna switch and the muscle in regulates may be a long distance of parts on the genome. >> many are linked to changes in
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risk for disease, all sorts of diseases. now all the researchers studying those different diseases have a different world to explore, and those believed to be avenues of research and maybe new treatments in the future. good >> deciphering will take many decades, but the better it is understood, the more scientists will know how to keep us healthy. >> we finished back of the democratic convention in charlotte, where thousands of police are involved in a major security operation. members of the swat team from georgia have been assigned to traffic duty. as the capt. explains, they are still having fun.
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>> we volunteered to come help, and that was our sentiment when we got here, and we decided to make the best of it. i am actually a security commander for the jail. i did not know that we made a decision to do it. i think we just wanted to have fun, and we did. they blame me. i started doing it with them, so i guess that kind of an relieves the pressure, but the biggest thing is they are having fun. traffic is still moving. now traffic is slowing down because they are stopping to watch. >> they look positively
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balletic. that brings today's show to a close, but you can find constant updates on our web site. thank you for watching. we will see you back here tomorrow. >> make sense of international news at was made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu, newman's own foundation, and union bank.
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